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My Culinary Journey

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas Natasha has always had a passion for food and culture.  Growing up she has always been inspired by her family's cooking.  She lived in Germany, where she learned at an early age that quality of food was an essential ingredient to good living.  While in Europe she saw the importance of experiencing the many diverse cuisines from around the globe.  During this time she became fascinated with food and decided to become a chef. 

After discovering her niche was combining food and art, Chef Natasha began creating elaborate dishes for friends and family members.  In 2007 her travels took her to New York City where she earned a culinary diploma at The International Culinary Center in Manhattan. 

Driven by passion and success, she joined the ranks of many working in the energetic and fast paced world of restaurants such as The Mercer Kitchen, The Spotted Pig, and The John Dory Oyster Bar.  She also worked for some of New York City’s most prestigious private families in the Hamptons and New York City. Before focusing on her own business, Natasha was one of the lead R&D chefs for the timeless brand TGI Fridays' international restaurants, travelling across the globe to help innovate their menus.

Chef Natasha believes in constantly seeking out only the freshest and best ingredients.  Committed to delivering an intimate experience with great dishes and service to her clients, she has created a boutique dining experience for the lover of food.  

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